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This game is a demo covering the first day of Golden Hour! For the full game, each route will last 10 days and will be playable on iOS and Android.

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A young woman transfers into a new school in her mother’s distant hometown just as the term is nearing its close. She finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of activity leading up the school’s annual Festival of Lights.

Amidst a tangle of friendships, rivalries, courtships and conflicts she comes to learn the dreams, joys, fears, and foibles of those close to her—and must confront her own, as well. Will her choices lead them to a new light? Or sink them deeper into the dark?

  • Four romantic interests, each with their own multiple-ending storylines
  • Multiple illustrated (CG) scenes per storyline
  • Built-in guidebooks to the world of Golden Hour and the protagonist’s school

Main Characters

Isanagi Ayara | Second Year | Student Council

Isanagi Ayara—Nagi, as he prefers to be called—is the second son of the illustrious Ayara family, who halfway own the city and everyone in it. His lineage is both blessing and curse, and Nagi is determined to chart his own path, proving he’s more than just a second son.

Kouya Ibara | Second Year | Discipline Committee

With fiery hair, a cold glare, and countless cuts and bruises as his signature, Kouya has a reputation for delinquency. There’s more than meets the eye, of course, but no one knows what exactly that “more” is.

Rui Ferreira | Second Year | Soccer Team

Although he only recently moved in from Brazil, Rui’s already everyone’s best friend. Renowned as the school’s—no, the city’s star player, he tries to keep his otaku side hidden deep in the closet. Too bad the closet’s too full of merch already.

Solomon Lee | First Year | Literature Club

The son of a preacher man, Sol’s God-given talents in the arts, especially music, were nurtured throughout his childhood. But both angel and devil sit at Sol’s pink-sweater-clad shoulders and he plays their tunes in equal measure.

Narrative Modes

Golden Hour has two main gameplay modes.

Visual Novel Mode

Put yourself in the protagonist’s shoes: make the right choices and you just might have a happy ending come festival time!

SNS Mode

See what’s going on in the school through its exclusive student network. What happens online doesn’t always stay just online.

Rival Stories

It’s not all about the boys.

The protagonist needs female friends, too, and her choices will affect their lives as well. Depending on those choices, her friends might get happy endings of their own or…well, stop being her friends.

The triumphs and travails of our heroine’s friends-slash-rivals unfold throughout the four main storylines.

Supporting Characters

Elias “Sir San” Crisanto | Teacher | Visual Culture Club Moderator

Just who is this eccentric teacher? The truth may be forever hidden behind his shutter shades. Either way, “Sir San,” as he is fondly called, is popular among the students for his easygoing attitude and genuine concern for the whelps he calls his own.

Mayumi Ayara | First Year | Fine Arts Club

The youngest child and sole daughter of the Ayara family, Mayumi must deal with the venomous infighting of her family and the bleak prospect of a political marriage. But as they say, it is in adversity that strength blooms.

Reina Aranetta | Second Year | Student Council

Known throughout the school for her intelligence, elegance, and uncompromising ambition, Reina is poised to take the Student Council’s top seat from Nagi. She’s also his erstwhile and unknowing rival in near everything else.

Iris King | First Year | Drama Club

She might be a diva of deception, but King—there is no “Iris”—strongly prefers the direct approach. Except, of course, in matters of the heart. And while half the school’s boys are after her, she only has eyes for one.

Demo + Discord

Golden Hour’s playable demo, covering the first day of the story, has its own playtester community!

If you want to stay up-to-date, give feedback,  or just talk to us about Golden Hour, join us here:


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I hope this will help. This was on their discord channel, posted last Feb 11, 2020. I'm not entirely sure if this is true but I hope it is and I hope I'm able to share this to you all, because it's really hard to find an update to this wonderful game. 

UPDATE by @carafox

Hello!  wave  Quick update from me personally. Massive KUDOS to my team members for finishing that massive Rui script, getting the point system working, getting amazing sprites done, etc. Hardest parts are done done!  clapclap    What's left? All the easier stuff. Fixing bugs, running QA, finishing CGs, finishing content for ASL, and finally getting approvals again from App Store & Play Store. Popped in here to say hello and that we are moving this along every single day wink . It's definitely top of mind for me personally to get Rui shipped to everyone especially since I had some hiatus. ship

omg i'm so ready <3 - <3

Any news on the release date?


is there/will there be a pc version?


when will it be release fully_???


i wanted to download it but...

first it told me to switch the store to which i did

but then it told me that it is not available 

i am really sad ,.,

i really enjoed the demo, i can already tell this game will be amazing 💙

Uhh, the story and art very good. I like these otome!

Can't wait for full release! ><

Ah! Im super excited about this. I'm also super late but whatevs lol

Glad I ran into this really, seems like a really cool concept, since i liked Mystic Messnger, I feel im going to like this one :D 

Hopefully it all goes well!

Dear Matchaa Studio, I am Really looking forward to play Golden Hour! 

The demo was really great, you have an awesome cast of characters, a very enjoyable writing style and pretty art, all together in this cool reality-fiction mixof the world you built. And I like photography as a theme as well, I'm excited how it will play out in the story (and the CGs :D).

And you as a team seem to be really nice, just one reason more to support you. :)

Unfortunately I missed your Kickstarter (about just some hours :'( ). Will there be a possibility to get the exclusive chapters now? By pledging or by buying after release maybe? I already fell for Kouya, so I'd be really happy to somehow get the extra content somehow. :')

Best wishes and support, and don't forget to celebrate your progress! :)

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Sooo cute!! Everyone is likeable, and I can't decide which!! Although,  I am very conflicted on the state of my female friends who may or may be interested in the love interests!! AHGK! I don't want to steal, especially from such popular and FRIENDLY people. Not cool. Although, as much as I like Kouya, he is really cute with Mayumi. Even if it's not canon, it's still really cute. And does Nagi like Reina? Why did the whole school assume that Nagi was the heir? Will we ever get to see Rui's modelling pictures? wHO Is tHE heIR?? So many questions. I'm excited for more! XD The art is also really cute. The formatting is cool as well. 

Planning to donate to the kickstarter soon, I liked what I saw so far of the game.  Can't wait for MC's pic of the heir in some shady back alley to come back and kick her in the ass. A quick suggestion, you should put the kickstarter link on the page near the top, probably below the discord! Some people might only check the game page.

Wow, this looks really promising! Unfortunately, I can't donate anything, but I wish you good luck... (And yeah the art is top notch for me!)

Thank you so much for the feedback!

No worries - support can come in many forms and this comment encourages us! \o/

Is the full game going to be pay to play? BTW the art is super cute!

Thank you so much, our artists appreciate the comment!!! 

We're hoping to keep it free-to-play once full version is out :)  We're setting up a Kickstarter to cover development funds for now to help us get there :D